References & Testimonials

San Marcos City Manager

  • tawny hammond reference“She far exceeded our expectations in many ways”
  • “I can honestly say we recruited for, and got, the best of the best and it was an honor to work with Tawny in Austin”
  • “As a seasoned professional with a servant’s heart, I always enjoyed her collaborative spirit, can do approach, ability to look for wins in tough circumstances and just as important, an extremely loyal and solid professional all the way around”  View the complete reference here.

Fairfax County Park Authority- Director, Resource Management Divisionfairfax county park authority seal

  • “I have always found her to be an extremely ambitious, enthusiastic and a forward thinking individual who puts actions into words”
  • “Her dedication to the environment is contagious as she challenges others to work beside her to come out with the best possible outcomes. She offers a balanced approach to any issue, utilizing her sound critical thinking skills, excellent problem solving ability as well as effective communication skills” View complete reference here: Tawny Hammond Recommendation for Environmental Committee

fairfax county seal

Commonwealth of Virginia, County of Fairfax, Board of Supervisors

  • “Her expertise in research, planning, and implementation was invaluable as she helped lead large, community-based events”
  • “Across our community, Tawny Hammond remains highly respected for her commitment and professionalism in every role she took on” View complete reference here: Tawny Hammond Letter of Recommendation County of Fairfax

fairfax county park authority sealFairfax County Park Authority – Park Services Division Director

    • “Ms. Hammond has always served the public with the highest distinction. Her ability to pass those skills to others is exceptional as well. Ms. Hammond has a true passion for natural resources and the related protection and good stewardship that is required to ensure the sustainable practices are adhered.”
  • “Ms. Hammond’s long storied work in Fairfax County continues to this day and is deeply appreciated by those of us fortunate to have worked with her for more than two decades.” View complete reference here: Tawny Hammond Referral Fairfax 

Dr. Craig Nazor

  • This took a tremendous amount of work, and Tawny was completely up to the task.
  • I remain impressed with Tawny’s integrity, intelligence, compassion, and political acumen.
  • Tawny’s leadership was essential in allowing Austin set a new policy that is cheaper, more humane, and much more in the character of our City. View the complete reference here: Tawny Hammond Dr Craig Nazor reference

ACCT Philly – Animal Care & Control Team

  • “Tawny always stressed the incredible importance of professional excellence in everything we do”
  • “I can’t recommend Tawny enough, she was so instrumental in helping me see my way”