The critic’s omission of context

Animal services leadership needs activists pushing them to do better. It’s part of the process. It may not always feel comfortable, but I always reminded myself when I was a director that necessity is the mother of all invention and innovation.

Waiting your turn

The clock was ticking for thousands of pets every day who would breath their last breath before being lead to a room without windows. An urgency existed. I used my entrepreneurial background and quarter of a century in public services leadership and I got to work.

When to revolt

Knowing when to revolt and when to support leadership can be the difference between life or death for shelter pets. If you do one when the other is more appropriate you are most certainly contributing to the problem. When I […]

A violent word

The word Kill is a violent word. To be Killed is even more violent. People choose to work at an animal shelter because they love animals. They must be trained to end the life of a pet that is not […]

Not a Popularity Contest

“If you want to make everyone happy, sell ice cream, don’t be a leader” – Steve Jobs I came into animal services after 25 years in park services. I had some surprises. Like the first day shelter staff brought me […]

No Kill By No Other Name

For 30 years I made professional excellence the focus of my public service career. When I embarked on a second career in animal services after a quarter of a century in parks management, I was caught off guard by the […]